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My wife is too skinny..someone help!!!

I am longer comfortable with my wife and it is affecting our marriage. My wife used to be on the plump side. It was one of the things I fell in love with her. She typified the traditional African woman, who has the curves in the right places.

She didn’t add too much after our two children. At any rate, I wouldn’t have noticed because I was really crazy about her shape. I also didn’t hide this from her.

When some of her friends were harping on slim being the in-thing now, I warned her not to follow the trend; assured her she wasn’t fat, but just right for an ideal woman. Unfortunately, she seems not to believe me because sometime last year she enrolled in a gym. She told me it was to maintain her figure. I grudgingly allowed her to continue but warned her against being slim.

Now I can hardly recognise the woman I married as she is all bones. When I protested, she said it was the in-thing among her friends; that she doesn’t want to lose her husband. I reminded her that she doesn’t have problems with me on that score; that I want her the way she was.

The issue now is I don’t want her anymore. I want her out of my life because she is beginning to repulse me. I no longer derive pleasure in her company. Much as I love her, I am no longer happy with her and very hurt by the fact that she preferred what her friends’ husbands think than what I feel about her. I don’t know what to do because we had a very happy marriage. She knows I have never liked skinny women. She has started to complain about my lack of interest in her, but there is no way I can ever be as close to her again in her present shape. I am really trying hard not to loathe her because once I get to that point, there will nothing more for me in the marriage.

Please help me. I don’t know how to handle this challenge in my marriage of 12 years.



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