my new year resolution

i pioneered  lotto forum online in nigeria
i created the first lotto page on facebook

i a lotto fan plus not also a sport betting fan

i ve written a lot of ebooks both on lotto and sport betting some of which will soon be able to download free from

Here is the plan i have for 2014

first i want to make 7 figures(starting from 1,000,000) from sport and lotto bets(not the first time though) i just wanted to achieve it earlier this year

so im calculating that from the first quater of this year i should be able to get what i want

i plan to follow good plans only..i dont play everyday anymore but when i play...i Hit hard them hard

so no matter where lotto or sport betting dey run go..i will get my money..even if its to treat them like my baby boo..i go marry them ..i will do it and i will make my money

i dont play everyday and the sport betting really fascinates me and i plan to make some good money from it

if you want to follow my know my pages
baba ijebu pay me my dough (lotto)
bet9ja pay me my dough (sportbet)
@efeezy2020 0n twitter

and my websites

so if you are we meet you know you rocking with them best !