10 lotto mistakes you should avoid

Every day I see lottery players making these obvious mistakes, and wondering why they are not getting more wins. So here’s 10 playing errors you MUST avoid

 - it will make you a better player:

 1.Don’t play just when you feel like it :
 Have a timetable and stick to it. Once a week, twice a month... whatever it is, set your play times in concrete. I play 3 times per week and I don’t care any game you have on Tuesday,I am only playing Monday,Wednesday and saturday

 2.Don’t play popular : . Many players lock themselves into a Popular games and does type of numbers don’t usually win. Ask your local lotto shop which number is least popular and play on that one.

3. Don’t mess with a system that works. : Some guys on my website who are premium members put their own numbers in ‘for good luck.’ Well its ok as long as you they sure unless This will give them worse results. You cannot beat a proven system. Don’t change your numbers. If you have the budget to play 20 lines from my system or your numbers you forecasted then stick to those numbers each game. Don’t think of removing a line thinking it will enable you win big based on your budget - it won’t. Don’t miss games. Once you have a plan stick to it The major winners in any lotto game play EVERY time until their win comes up. Don’t give up too soon. Every breakthrough in life ( and even lotto) - has come just when things seem to be at their bleakest.

  4.Don’t think you know it all :  Subscribing to the Lotto-Daily newsletter (www.adekunleadeniji.com) and reading each issue will give you little known information that could improve your winning streak. Don’t think you are losing your entry fee (buying tickets) when you don’t get a win. Paying for your tickets is a necessary requirement, and you need to be in to win. Don’t play games with more than 10 numbers if you want frequent winnings.  The odds of profiting increases when you dont perm to much numbers.

To be continue........