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A True Story Of Faith And The Lottery(man who won the lottery five times)

  Many lotto players say they believe in their hearts that they would one day hit it big, bag the big jackpot, take home the top prize. Yet for all their posturing, many of them are caught unawares and express great surprise when lady luck finally decides to visit them with a life-changing win. Some of them don’t even check their tickets for many months!

There are some who say you just got to have faith. That you should continue playing the lottery whenever you can, and keep believing you will win and it will happen. But should we believe that faith has something to do with winning? People in Washington may be starting to believe that Faith and lottery luck are closely related. Faith, as in retired railroad worker Jeremiah Faith, who has posted an astounding five significant lottery wins in four years.
Jeremiah Faith

Faith, Luck, And The Washington Lottery

Jeremiah Faith has been playing the lottery for a long time, and he plays the lottery regularly. Over time, he has developed a preference for numbers which he considers ‘lucky’ so he uses them most of the time. He does not mind changing the numbers now and then depending on which of the numbers he feels are ‘lucky’ on a given day.
His first and largest win came via a Powerball payout of $250,000 on May 7, 2010, which was a Friday. While he was elated with his win, that did not stop him from continuing to play the lottery in the next few years.
His continued ‘faith’ paid off once more nearly three years later. This time he won $10,000 playing the Match 4 lottery game in March of 2013.
Then in May of the same year, he won twice more on consecutive days. He won $10,008 on May 4, 2013 and another $10,040 more the next day. His third and fourth wins came on a Saturday and a Sunday.
Incredible as it may seem, Faith has just posted a fifth significant win on April 26th of this year, a Saturday. This time he won another $10,000 on a Match 4 ticket he bought from the the Kennewick Yoke’s Fresh Market. So far Faith has won $290,000 and he still plays the lottery.

How Does Faith Win So Many Times?

Seems he knows exactly how to win the lottery, right? For Jeremiah Faith the main ‘secret’ to his incredible run of lottery luck can be attributed to a positive attitude he maintains. He says he believes he has as much chance as anybody else of winning a lottery jackpot, despite having already won big five times. I may come as a surprise but mathematically at least what he is saying is true, even if he plays the same number combination. Maybe that is why he continues to play regularly.
He also offers an observation that most of his wins have come on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. What he may not have noticed is that three of his five wins came in the month of May. So maybe May is a lucky month for him too.

What The Future Holds

His previous wins have allowed Jeremiah Faith to indulge in one of his favorite hobbies; restoring old cars. He has finished restoring a 1964 T-Bird.
He does not plan on quitting playing the lottery. And Faith believes he can still win, and thinks a Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot would be nice. Perhaps we have not heard the last of Jeremiah Faith. One day we may see his happy face in the papers once more with yet another win. After all, each time he plays, he has as much chance of winning as anyone else.

You have equal chance to win the lotto just like other people !
you just need to have faith



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