If  like ME you wont mind having more  winnings from the lotto you play,
then try these three tricks.

I remember last 2 years, there's was a spate of big winners in our lotto market especially the ghana lotto an example is that of mushin. by a forecaster called 'ibukun'

So how can you improve your chances of winning lotto'baba ijebu'?
Before I go on to explain how to boost your returns, I should point out that I play lotto too and i do lose too and i dont win all the time im just a better player. That's because, mathematically speaking, you can win it every time you play, i wrote some article a long time ago on "10 things to avoid when playing lotto"
i remember i said something like dont play everyday!.
Nevertheless, if you still feel like should play everyday  here are three tips on maximizing your winnings:

1. Avoid the birthday blunder :One thing I certainly can do for you is pick winning numbers. some school of thoughts believe that Lotto draws are entirely random, so all combinations of 5 numbers have an equal chance of winning. In other words they believe, the winning numbers are just as likely to be 1, 2, 3, 4 and  5  as they are to be 29, 31, 37, 41 and 43*. but believe me its a lie...lotto draws has effects on past draw

However, a large proportion of Lotto players enter the same ‘special' numbers into each draw. Instead of using the numbers from good forecasters or keys, many regulars use family birthdays. In other words, all of their numbers are under 32, because they correspond to days of the month.
just think about it what if the draw came with numbers more than 31. Then millions of tickets consisting entirely of numbers below 32 will be worthless if four or more numbers over 31 are drawn.
so please avoid most of the time using your birthdays unless you are freestyling and just putting your fate entirely on luck

2. Play more of ghana games and premier lotto: i really dont trust golden chance or sky touch, and i really dont know why but i ve really never see any person win big with them.

3. You need more than just Dumb Luck to win a lottery : you need  good smart system of forecasting,good  lotto strategies to help you beat the lotto's long shot odds. You can apply skill to the lotto game because you can choose the lotto numbers you play and make them winning lotto numbers. the skillful lotto player enjoys an advantage over the unskilled player - and wins lotto prizes far more frequently. so get close to a good forecaster or groups of forecasters.
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  1. give us banker for Lucky G SIr

  2. Good advice and tutorial. Tho I have taken the advice and play only ghana games. But still depend on forcasters on facebook to play, sometimes it comes out well 1 out of 10. How can you help me so I can be able to forecast myself?
    Please reply to mycollexions@gmail.com

  3. Ur advise is gud...
    But pls, show me hw to forecast..


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