Nigerian Couple in Canada win $50 Million via Lottery – Almost Lost It!

Nigerian Couple in Canada - June 2014 - 01
Meet the latest millionaires.
Hakeem and Abiola Nosiru are the proud winners of $50 million. But it was not a smooth ride to getting that big cash.
Their lottery ticket worth $50 million went missing, and was later found and returned by someone at their church.
Hakeem won the January 17 Lotto Max draw and was one day away from claiming the money, when the signed ticket which he taped inside his wife’s purse for safety, got missing at their church.
They searched their home, garbage bins in an effort to find it, but felt “miserable” when they didn’t see it.
On April 1st, a member of the church discovered it and gave it back. Abiola says “We just wanted to see the reality. And the reality is right here now,” when receiving the cheque.

Nigerian Couple in Canada - June 2014 -

Credit: Bella naija