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When luck hits lottery players, it sometimes comes in unexpected ways.  One man’s habit of playing the lottery each week changed his life when he won a million pounds.  One woman won a huge jackpot on a Friday the Thirteenth, a day usually associated with bad luck.

Here are Top lottery story around the world for the week :

Lady Luck Visits Woman On Friday Thirteenth

Superstitions about Friday the thirteenth may have caused a woman who bought a Megamillions ticket on June 13th not to expect anything life-changing.  In fact she kept the ticket just in her purse eleven days after the draw date.  But had she known the ticket won a $66 million jackpot, she would not have been so careless where  she put it; she might even have put it in a vault.
When Kelsey Zachow finally had her ticket scanned at a nearby gas station, all the clerk would tell her was that she won big.  But that was enough to cause her to rush  back home screaming in excitement.
Now Zachow does not need to juggle two jobs; the nearly $27 million she received in a lump sum net of taxes makes her financially secure.  She is also looking to buy her dream home, help relatives, fund scholarship for young members of her family, buy a new car and go on vacations.
Friday the thirteenth can’t be all that bad!

£27 Million Winner To Keep Just £1 Million For Herself

It is always inspiring to hear of people who have won large sums of money.  What is even more inspiring is to hear the same big winners decide to do some serious philanthropy.  And it is no surprise that big winners who make large donations know how firsthand how it feels like to be poor.
When Margaret Loughrey won a huge £26 million lottery jackpot in December last year, she said she plans to keep just £1 million for herself.  Less than a year on, she has given away half her money to fund projects to benefit her town of Strabane in Northern Ireland.  It seems like she is on track to give away £26million within a year or so of her win.
She believes in the wealth of talent available in her town and is determined to use most of her fortune to  give her town mates the opportunity to work.

East Farleigh Couple Win £1 Million On EuroMillions

Among the list of habits or routines for winning , Wayne Home would never have thought that simply purchasing lottery tickets each week is the one habit which would get him out of a financial rut.  But after a Euromillions ticket he bought at the Barming Post Office in Bull Orchard, Maidstone managed to snag a £1million raffle prize, his life has turned around 180 degrees.  Where he and his wife used to budget on a daily basis, they can now afford to live a life of leisure.
But it had not always been easy for the couple as wife DesirĂ©e Home had gone through a long, painful and expensive battle with the big “C.”  To make things worse, husband Wayne had been made redundant while caring for his wife.
With the win, the couple now plan to upgrade their boat and relax more.  They have also hinted that their children and grandchildren will also benefit from the win.

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