Why some people may never make any money !!! (what you need to do to make money )

Im not sorry to say this but we have a lot of dull guys out there ! short sighted people  and annoying part of it all is that they think they know something, they think they are wise !

And realy they know nothing ! absolutely nothing !

See as a young guy,its important for you to be optimistic and take opportunity and new ideas as crucial as possible to your development as a person .

For example, i am young guy of early 30, i consider myself a lucky guy. Never wrote an application letter for a job in my life ! EVER ! i got hired right from my youth service (Thanks to my boss) i am a product manager managing one of the hotest product in one of the biggest  sport betting company in Nigeria today, in just 1 years and some months i have achieved a lot as a person

This happened to me not entirely on luck, thanks to my optimism,my foresight and my hardwork
if you are hardworking,depend on luck and not optimistic,its hard to go far, as a person i have nobody to help me but when i do something i tried to be the best around in what i do (but not academically ooo,im one of the back seat guys in class)

But luckily for me i recognized my talent, i know what i am good at and pursued it 100% ,i love tech....i love the world of I.T and i tried all my best to know about it,i read every book i can read about to be a better guy in the world of Information technology...when i was in school i will use every last penny i have to go to a cafe,to learn ideas,to read information how to make money online(not yahoo yahoo..im not a fan)

Then i started reading Nigerian publications like success digest ..do you read success digest ? wow if not please read it every week for 3 months before you stop,i am sure you will gain something outstanding and you will thank me later

my first effort online to start something was creating a website called www.kunlextech.tl it was a free web domain that focus on free browsing and cheats..ran this for like some months before i went on to blogger.com which was not successful too but i didn't give up..i was stil reading blogs,publications just to know what i am doing wrong..i never bought any ebook i always use any free resources available online (but that does not mean you should not by a product if its good) not because i dont want to buy but because i can not afford it .

i learned more and realized i need to have a niche to make money online ....then i know there is no industry i need to go than the betting industry...i am a gambler and i admit it,i am a  lottery and sport betting fan. Guilty as charged.

so i started the first lotto page on facebook in Nigeria BABA IJEBU PAY ME MY DOUGH (www.facebook.com/lottowinnersclub) still the biggest gambling page in nigeria where players discuss about daily games ....then i created the first lotto prediction website (www.lottobigwinners.com) i started selling ebooks, i gave free predictions on lotto,i gained a lot of followers which later made me money daily directly or indirectly even till today

My pressence online has brought me a lot of influence and possibilities..infact it Got me all the contacts and Job i have today..and it all started because i have an idea that nobody at that time had and because even in the face of diffilcuty i didnt give up...

So first step ?  CREATE AND IDEA !

result ? if you do the above steps..you will achieve success no doubt

Its important that if you have ideas....find a way to implement it Today not tomorrow..start from something small and i promised you that if you try,you will eventually reach the big stage

 Do you have an idea on how to make money in the betting industry in Nigeria or want to know how to make money in the booming sport  betting industry in Nigeria ? contact me at kunlexengine@gmail.com

Adekunle adeniji is the ceo of  lofit gaming ltd (a company that helps people to make money in the betting industry,manages social media for individuals and betting companies in Nigeria)


  1. Have always been following you on whatever you are doing and base on you write up...I enjoy every moment why reading from you...good job keep it up bro.

  2. Good day sir please how can i become 9jabet agent because am in Lagos


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