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Lottery stories of the week

Lottery Stories Of The Week
So who wins the lottery?  Well some winners play a lot and win after some time, like regular player Ronald Stacye who won $250k, and a syndicate of fifteen people in England who won £1 Million after playing for 12 years.  Then there are those who are just plain lucky as in the case of a woman who won $5 million on her fourth ticket, and a group of six people who won on their first try as a syndicate.
And in China, a lucky lottery winner had to wear a goofy bear costume while receiving his prize to keep his identity secret.

Woman’s Fourth Ticket Wins $5 Million
People have tried many systems for winning the lottery.  Some use ‘lucky’ numbers, others playwith a group to increase their chances, and some just buy a lot of tickets hoping to land the big one.  And then there are people who just seem very lucky indeed, and you can count a Milpitas woman named Nga Pham among them.

Man In A Bear Costume Picks Up Lottery Check
Some countries and states require lottery winners to reveal their identities to provide evidence of their game’s transparency and fair play.  Other states allow winners to remain anonymous to protect them from friends and family who would like to ask for a portion of the winnings, and from scams.

Group Of Six Hit Jackpot On Their First Try
A syndicate composed of six construction workers have just won a total of £333,167.40  from the Euromillions after one of their tickets matched five numbers and a lucky star.  All the lads are from Barnsley, South Yorkshire and are currently working on a construction project in Glasgow.

Fifteen Men Share £1 Million EuroMillions Prize
In yet another validation of the advantage of playing the lottery as a group, fifteen members of the Penygroes Rugby Club scooped a million pound jackpot.  It can be rightly called a well-deserved win, as the group has been playing the lottery for the last 12 years.

Ronald Stacye Bags Top $250K Triple Play Prize
Ronald Stacye enjoys running the restaurant at the at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3404, 1136 E. Atlantic St., in Springfield.   But at the end of the day every Wednesday and Saturday, he invests a little money buying Show Me Cash and $250K Triple Play tickets at the restaurant.  He is a simple man who plays only the small prize local tickets most of the time.

Any lottery you play...may your big winnings come quick

source : Lottery syndicate


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