I am one happy boss !

Yea....you read it right ! im a boss...i became one when i decided to started my first sport betting shop employed my first staff

i started with just 2 staffs...my manager  which is my junior brother and a lady, my first staff

Now today i have 6 shops(closed one today though...that story is in another blog post)

Now why am i happy ? because today i look at my business and noticed that it has improved rapidly, now i have 13 staffs and 6 shops and it all comes down to my determination.my staffs good attitude and Hard work

Yesterday i decided to surprise my first staff with a brand new smart phone(you thought i am going say a  brand new car..don't you ?) as gratitude for her hard work and support For my business ...

I realized she is important to my company as the first staff..she brought good fortune to my business

I did not only bought her a phone but also promote her to an assistant manager and also increased her salary..

I am of the believe that happy staff are proud staff and proud staff will do everything to improve the success of the business .

she is so excited about the phone and also about the task as an assistant manager looking over the affairs of 3 shops(yes assistant can only monitor 3 shops...monitoring all shops is the work of the manager,my brother)

I wish she new that she is not the only happy person...im also very happy for having impact in someones life and also the fact i am an employer of labor in my own small capacity and taking care of their welfare not only through salary but through appreciations

Yesterday i looked at myself in the mirror and said Adekunle you are one happy so of a b***ch :D

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