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Sport betting killing ‘Yahoo scams’ In Modern Day Nigeria

 In spite of the seemingly endless variety of cover stories used by Nigerian scammers, the core scam remains essentially the same. Be wary of any unsolicited email, letter or fax that promises you a percentage of a large sum of money in exchange for helping to transfer, procure or process funds.

The sum of money does not exist. Those who take the bait by replying to a Nigerian scam message will eventually be asked for advance fees supposedly required to allow the deal to proceed. They may also become the victims of identity theft

 A lot of  people have been  scammed with such emails.....Thank God for sport betting...this story has changed a lot !

The betting industry in recent day in Nigeria has become a big industry, making up to 50% of the activities during weekends by many Nigerians who are crazy about football and are looking to make a few cash while they are at it. According to News Agency of Nigeria, the industry’s daily worth is a billion Naira (5.5million dollars ), This is the amount expended daily by over 60 million Nigerians between the age of 18 to 45 who place bets on different football matches and sports across the country and around the world.
Before now we have had other forms of gambling like lotteries, Baba Ijebu (Pools), and they have survived for decades, but  sport betting Came out of no where to trump them all.

Betting companies have increased in numbers as much as betting sites thereby aiding sports fanatics in what they know best, guessing games to earn large rewards.

Why is sport betting so popular ? well the answer can not be far fetched, Nigerians love quick cash,they love to make quick money,sport betting gives them hope and the economy situation also did not help so this make sport betting business a very lucrative one and Nigerians believe in it because they believe there is no scam in it unlike lotto where u re left entirely on luck

Sport betting is now a way of life for Nigerians who naturally love sports, football especially, and are looking to make quick bucks. Over 300 Nigerians age ranging 14-50 visit a bet house daily and there are thousands of betting shops all over the country as much as there are churches and banks so you do the math and get a clear view of my inference.
Betting companies spreads by giving out franchise to people to own a shop and make money via commission this help spread the sport betting business all round the nook and cranny of the country

While the cropping up of this betting habit has created employment for many youths who work at the betting shops or own a betting shop, it has also began to battle the urge for 419 and scam businesses. 
Nigerians are notoriously known to the world as fraudsters who scam and defraud unsuspecting victims of large sums of money in an act popularly know as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ a trend which became popular around year 2000 and continued to exist as is uptill early 2010.

For many Nigerians who look to make quick major bucks, this has been the ultimate way, but with the increase in popularity of sports betting today, an alternative is born.

i have seen players  won up to 6 million naira and #4 million with as little as #200, that's how big it. is a betting company that allows punters to win up to #20million on every ticket..thats huge ! its a very difficult task to do
A winning ticket of  #1.4 million won with just  #300

Football betting which tops the list of sports betting done in Nigeria on a hand allows for creation of an extraordinary income in far less time than 'Yahoo yahoo' and is widely argued to be the most intelligent form of gambling in existence!
So far so good, Sports betting seems like an ultimate alternative for ''Yahoo yahoo'', they both involve planning, strategy, taking risks, chances and rewards of quick money. But while ''Yahoo yahoo''is illegal, takes more time  and sometimes loss of human life, sports betting obliterates it with promises of quicker rewards with having fun and watching your favorite games while you are at it.

 Nigerians make money not only when playing but also make huge money having their own betting shops

 Nigeria betting shop owners makes an average of  #30,000 to #200,000 every week as commission,this income is bigger than the salary most people earn every week, so betting shop owners in Nigeria are not just making money but are big boys around.

In one of my posts i explained how and the easiest ways someone can own a betting shop and start to make huge money as commission every week without quitting his/her old job click here to read it

its not a theory....i own some betting shops too

Merry Xmas and happy new year in advance !


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