Top Lottery Stories Of The Week from around the world !

This week’s top stories include that of a woman who bought a winning ticket instead of a cone, and a syndicate of sixteen workers who all became instant millionaires after bagging a $58 million prize.
A simple couple in the UK post a £1.069 million Euromillions win, and a Canadian couple won a million dollar jackpot after playing for 30+ years.

Woman Forgoes Cone For €500,000 Winning Ticket

One woman from Cork who bought a Euro millions ticket instead of a cone one hot day about six weeks ago is celebrating a cool half million euro win.
The woman, who has opted to remain anonymous, only had the chance to check her ticket when she found it by chance on her press a month and a half after the draw date.  Upon scanning her ticket she was advise to contact the lottery.
With her new riches, the lucky lady wants to pay bills and perhaps upgrade her car; the rest of it go towards preparation for retirement.

Manhattan Biotech Workers Syndicate – 16 New Millionaires

Some people don’t join lottery playing syndicates because they think it would dilute any prize they win. But sixteen workers at a biotech company who formed such a syndicate are all celebrating the millions each of them now have.  There was plenty enough to share after the group won a $58 million jackpot from the Mega Millions lottery.
The group bought their winning quick pick ticket from one of the busiest lottery outlets in the state, the Carlton Cards in Penn Plaza, on March 24th.

Chester Couple Win £1.069 M On Euro millions

Craig Tuft and wife Trish had very simple wishes:  a pair of Reebok classic trainers, a car with heated seats, being able to have the heating on all day, and a house full of garden gnomes.  That is perhaps their motivation for playing the lottery now and then.
Their wishes are about to come true as one ticket they had bought at the Bargain Booze store in Chester won for them a prize of £1,069,748 on the EuroMillions draw last Friday.
Now that they have won, Trish is about to get a new engagement ring.  They are also thinking of a new house with a garden and lots of garden gnomes, and a new car.  They have already left their jobs and they now keep the heating on all day.

Couple Wins $1M After Playing 30+ Years

Regina couple Ronald and Barbara Hitchens had been playing the 6/49 lottery for more than 30 years without winning anything significant.  But that changed when their persistence was rewarded with a $1 million jackpot!
They only realized they had won something big when the ticket scanner jammed up.  Though they are very happy with their win, the couple want to remain living a modest lifestyle.  All they want to do with their money is to pay bills, go on a holiday, give a little bit more to selected charities, and stash the rest for later.  They even had the same macaroni & cheese and hotdogs for  lunch the day after their win! is the only lotto website in Nigeria that is giving you the opportunity to experience the winnings you see above...JOIN them NOW  
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