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top lottery story around the world !

In this week’s top stories, a thoughtful daughter was all a mom needed to be a millionaire and a Canadian woman can now afford to extend her maternity leave after a million dollar lotto win.
A British college employee decides to go on a dream trip with his wife after snagging a £137,000 win, and another Brit who won a huge £8 million prize thinks the win is ‘lovely’.

Daughter’s Mother’s Day Gift Makes Mom A Millionaire

Priti Shah’s daughter made her a millionaire for Mother’s day, and she did not even have to spend much.  One of three lottery tickets Shah received bagged the $4 million top prize.  Now she is set to receive $200,000 for the next 20 years.

Couple To Take Dream Trip After £137K Win

Eton College employee John Taylor knew what he wanted to do when he found he had £9.70 in his online lotto account – play some more.  That decision is now set to make life a lot easier for him and his wife Jenny.rsz_couple
Soon after the the draw he received an email advising of a £137,945.40 win.  The first thing he did was call his wife, and then both of them had the hardest time completing their work shifts as normal.
Now the happy couple are planning a trip to New Zealand where the wife has some relatives, and perhaps watching the English team play in the Ashes in Australia.

$1M Lotto Winner To Enjoy Longer ‘Maternity Leave’

A couple who spent the weekend unsuccessfully fishing for trout  landed a million dollar prize instead.
Danielle Stamp and Chris Ward of Mount Pearl were on their way to the Salmonier Line to fish when they decided to stop for gas.  At the station they heard that the winning ticket was sold in their area, but had no time to queue for their ticket to get checked.  They only had the opportunity to get the ticket checked on their way back from fishing, and then found out they had won $1 million.
The happy couple who have a 10-month old son now say Stamp need not go back to work as they had planned earlier.  With their win, she can afford a long maternity leave.

Winner Thinks £8 Million Prize Is “Lovely”

A very British lottery player can only say one word when informed that he had indeed won £7,864,529 – Lovely!
Philip Dunning was clued in by his long-time partner’s friend that the number they always played may have won the lottery, which prompted his call to the lottery offices.  He had a hard time finishing his shift at work the next day with the winning ticket in his pocket; he managed to hand in his notice though.
Now the happy couple plans to purchase a new home and upgrade their ride to an Aston Martin.  They have not decided what to do with the rest of their fortune.

source : lottery-syndicate


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