Secretary/personal assistant wanted

The season is about to start again and i have been thinking how can i deliver more both at the office where i am an employee and my businesses

Its not new i have many sport betting shops , i have start ups am hoping would be the next big deal in the Nigeria economy and africa as a whole

i was thinking yesterday, how can i do everything all together and be able to deliver, at work i want to still be able to handle my job at the the peak just like i always do, i want my shops to continue to do well and also i want my agent network to also grow and limit the problems they go through as much as possible

i am sorry i  forgot to tell you i am also a super agent...i want my agent to get first hand treatment.

okay this is what brought the issue of a secretary

Basically what my secretary or personal assistant will be doing is attending to my agents problems, keeping records ...i am recruiting a personal secretary for my  super agent network

she has got two things to do everyday

send email and recieve emails
make calls and receive calls

simple right ?

if you have someone who can do this and live around ikeja ...let her send her CV to

NB: you need to live around ikeja to qualify


  1. Can a bsc holder apply?

  2. And why must the person live in Ikeja?

  3. the pay is not big enough for a bsc sorry


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