Need a great mentor ? my DAD maybe

Growing up wasn't as easy as i expected it to be, i didn't grow up to have everything, even the basic things.
in my family, your only school sandal needs to be at its worst state before you can think of getting another one from my dad
My dad is only concerned that you have eaten, he wont ask if you had enough. we can have 3 meals a day..But you cant have anything else apart from the standard 3 day meals
failing in school is not acceptable but you wont have enough so you wont  be too relaxed in school..but he will pay our school fees on time and buy us textbooks but you wont get enough pocket money...NEVER !
when i was in school i so much hate my dad for this...i really thought he hated me...i started to really understand what was going on when i got admission into higher institution that i realized this man was getting me ready for that harsh economy of Nigeria...
The way we were brought up not only let me plan ahead before doing things but also makes me endure every bad situation i found myself in 
Through out schools day i was able to provide for myself, i became self employed at an early age...while i was also planing for my after school life.
My early plan for after school life paid off and get me a job immediately after graduation, i never looked for any job in my life and i was not among the best student in class but my planing ahead helped me 
i identify a missing gap, a niche that no one is looking at and it helped me becoe who i am now as a person
 Everyday a reminder all the training i had while i was young keeps coming back to my mind and i keep seeing the reason why i was this strong at my work and the reason why i could do so many things at the same time 
Now im the head of a department in the company where i works, this department is not only the department thats brings in the most money but i also manage the best and most popular products in nigeria when its comes to gaming 
while being a manager of 4 great products, i am also an agent of this company with more than 5 shops and also a super agent with over 100 agents in my network under me...Its a hell lot of a work...but its not hard for me...i was trained for this ;)
while i will not encourage anyone to train his/her children the way my dad taught me, at the same time i have no reason to blame my dad for the way he taught me...i am grateful !
This also does not mean that i am going to train my son the same way dad taught fact i already have a plan for how i am going to train my children and it will be very relaxed from the way my dad trained me 
The most valuable lessons i learnt from my dad is 
  • planning
  • forward thinking
  • hard work
  • perseveranc
  • confidence 
He taught me that if someone is hard working, contented and straight forward, we could be anything we dreamed of  !
Thank you are my mentor #thankyoumentor

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