How to deposit to bet9ja account via Gtb mobile banking

As cashless policy of the CBN begins today

I know many of bet9ja agents will be affected, so I have decided to do this small tutorial on how you can make payment via gtb mobile banking

Step 1: You need to get your account profiled for internet banking, request for token

step 2: Go to google play or apple store to get your GTB mobile app

step 3: Navigate to GTBank's Internet Banking app on your phone and log in 

step 4:  Click "Customised Deposit '' from the drop-down menu.

step 5: Click on "KC Gaming Networks Ltd ". 

Step 6:  click on ''bet9ja payment'' 

step 7:  Insert your ''user id''

step 8:  verify the ''payment details'' then click continue 

step 9:  insert '' token number or your 4 digit password'' ignore the remark box

At the end of these process, your bet9ja account should be credited instantly after like 30 seconds to a minute.

All the best!


  1. How do I apply for the token ?

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