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My romantic story with the internet

Today I want to discuss the importance of social media and why you should not be romantic with excuses on why you should not be building your business through it.

some years after I finished secondary school, I was introduced by my junior brother wunmi to the internet, that day he helped me to create my first email I don't use it anymore not..The saying that 'true embarrassment lies in your first email ' is absolutely true.

After creating that email address, I told myself that day that I will make something good out of this thing called the INTERNET. and since that time I have never looked back!

I was born into the family of 7 to hardworking parents who did everything possible to get us ready for real life scenarios. when I say real life scenarios I mean everything, from knowing how to manage money to being able to do any menial jobs in this world and also especially dad he taught us how to fight our way out of any situation that life present to us, Dad I'm sorry for calling you out on my blog.

You must be wondering why I'm so in love with the internet and especially the social media? earlier I explained my first day on the internet, After I got admission into Federal Polytechnic offa to study banking and finance my next post, i will tell you why I opt for Polytechnic after just 1 year of failing to get a university admission.

I fell in love with the internet because I realized earlier in my life that what one can achieve with the internet is limitless, while I'm still getting myself used to the internet came Facebook. I immediately accepted it and started meeting friends especially girls :)

Then my big break came in 2009, that time I have started reading success digest and already aware of the need to create a footprint on the internet, lest I forget, I created my first website in 2006. called its website where I discuss phone hacks, data cheats, phone hidden codes etc. but it was not until 2009 that I found out about lotto (baba ijebu) and that a lot of people are into it and there is absolutely no place online for players to relate to each other.

I discovered an untapped niche! I immediately created a facebook page ijebu pay me my dough) which by the way is now the biggest gambling discussion page in Nigeria.

As you can see I was aware of my environment, I couldn't build my own website by then because of financial reason but decided to leverage on the popularity of Facebook and the most beautiful part is that it is totally free

Fast forward to today, I gained momentum with a Facebook page, all lotto players throughout Nigeria knew my page, then I created a website to tap into the popularity and I was able to pay bills in school with what I was making from businesses I transacted with this page. Did I mentioned I got my job after graduation through social media and that was even without applying for the job.

4 things help shaped my journey:

My Believe: I believed in myself and because I have no one to help me I immediately focused on the social media to help me build from inception I learned to build relationships before selling.Nowadays everyone just one to sell without knowing the need of the customer

The act of building a relationship before selling is exactly what I'm doing with my company micserah by creating engaging and useful contents via our blog and our tv channel (fashion library tv) on youtube.

First, you have to believe in yourself before anyone can believe in you.
Foresight: instead of acting like my friends who find it hard to understand social media on time or saw it as an alien or toy.I immediately figured out the potential and the magic it could perform. 

You have to always be able to think ahead of your mates, undertsand trends and market movers.

Self-awareness: I understand myself earlier in life and because I know the limit of what i can do, I leveraged on the opportunity the internet provided. I created an online e-book on lotto with the help of google search.I gave the first part away free to my followers but sold the part 2 and it was a complete sellout..if I start to calculate how much I made with that book, it's would run into 1 to 2 million naira as at that time when I was still in school. 

understand what you can do and can not do if schooling is not your thing, you don't have to force yourself to go for masters because everyone is going for it. 

 I don't think everyone reading this totally understand the dept or importance of google search? and that you can literally become a professional at anything you want to do in a short period of time..again what a lot of people know how to do is complain, instead of putting talks into action, people love to sit and complain about the situation.  

Patience: I knew that everything I want will happen if I deploy patience and be willing to work my ass off. and that's exactly what I did.

You have to enjoy the process Uche! stop complaining about what you are going through in school, that's what everyone is doing, you need to be different. 

Tola you are not going to be a millionaire at 30 if you don't start working on something by 20 or 23. start something and build on it year in year out.

Dauda because you are 40 doesn't mean it's over, you still have at least 40 more years before you turn 80, you can still achieve something with your life..everyone needs to understand you have time to do Anything and please and please embrace the internet especially social media channels. 

Imagine the opportunity social media presents in your front..For example, you could message Don Jazzy on Facebook about your mixtape and he would reply you back, it's amazing! if you are an actor and you are good at it with social media you could message omotola on twitter and get her 5mins attention. the opportunity is endless.

You just have to first work hard on your craft and then start networking and pushing out quality content, if you are a fashion designer and you know you are good and work very hard to create quality designs, use social media to promote it people will buy from you. you have to understandand it's a long term game and you have to be patient.

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