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what works in Nigerian sports betting industry in 2017

Gaming in Nigeria is gradually moving towards the European trends, every day we see new company springing up
What are the advantages of more betting companies in 2017?
It's a win-win for punters because now they have more options
The industry employees will also enjoy because now they can easily move from one company to the other looking for better opportunities
Competitions will increase thereby given rooms for improvement in the services the betting companies render
Any Disadvantages?
Yea of course!
When there is a business that is really doing well a lot of people will want to do the same business because it's lucrative not because they know anything about the business.This will then lead them to make stupid assertions, wrong decisions and at the end of the day, it will lead to the end the business.
I have seen such cases this year and I expect to see more in 2017!

The top companies of 2017?
I forecast that the same top companies (bet9ja, Nairabet,surebt247 and maybe goldenwinnersbet) will still top the big earners and top 3 betting companies in Nigeria.No disrespect but merrybet, betland and host of others will still follow the big bosses when it comes to success in 2017! But I may be wrong and please guys pardon me for calling you out
Yes, those 3 companies will still stay ahead of the game, of course, there will be new entrant that if they have finance, products, and personnel to compete in the industry they can break out..I'm really praying for this to happen this year.
What will differentiate these companies and will clearly identify the market leader in 2017?
1. Products: are these companies going to still offer the same products they offer in 2016 or try to bring in new products and improves on the existing products? well clearly, the company that works more continuously on its products will be at the top of the game!

2. company with a rule: Two rules are in play for me.
(i) Engage your customer. Not just when he/she gambles. Interact with the entertainment information they show interest in. like fashion, entertainment etc
(ii)The second rule is the brand with the taste of the customer. If the customers like virtual, provide them with specials that they can obtain through you. This not only helps you but makes you more popular.
These are two avenues that can bring new and former customers in.

3. Customer relations: companies with good and professional customer care will surely stay ahead of the game in 2017.Building positive relationships with your customers isn't just good practice – it will ultimately improve your bottom line.
Customers are the most important asset to this business and looking after them is essential to your success. All businesses, whatever their size, should have a carefully considered customer care plan and treat it as a core value and the same goes to sports betting business

In my future posts, i'll provide more insight that will help betting companies grow their market share. Some innovative ways that will work without spending your entire budget are coming. Also, learn more about online gaming and how it can shape your future entertainment experiences.

Before I end this post it's important for agents to know what they want in the company they represent, if you are satisfied with what you are getting from the company you are....there is no point jumping from one company to the other,you will not only lose the faith of your punters and customers but will affect your financial growth as a think carefully before you listen to new companies looking for customers and the same goes to employees...offers are tempting but careful before you ditch your old job....
The grass is not always greener on the other side
Cheers !!


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