Learn how to create value before looking for a job!

A lot of people always wait for people to approve everything about their life, posting on social media to look for likes, always asking people to approve stuff for them.

well, one thing I have been able to master is not to care what anyone thinks of me, this must have gotten me a lot of enemies growing up. but looking back at what I have been able to build, I can say I have done the right thing

My facebook page got me my first and only job immediately after school, while a lot of my friends who believed they were very good at studies and knows how life works because they got many As in their result are still looking for what to do or job. im already killing it at a job and doing what I love.

Just because I learned early in life that people are actually now more concerned about what you can do practically and not your certificate. when I was building this facebook page in college a lot of people and also a lot of my friends were laughing at me and some even gave me a nick name of baba ijebu. all this while I had a best-selling e-book on lotto which till today after 6 years of writing is sold out.

I have built so many businesses, some already profitable and some for the future but I will continue to create leverage for myself.

Listen, as the CEO of micserah group and betrelate.com I know that most new companies don't really care about your certificate! we are more concerned with what you can deliver as a person. you read marketing in school? can you do graphics ? are you telling my company how to drive more engagement via social media?

This is true, I have not checked any of my employee's certificate since I employed them and im telling you I have over 35 employees and out of this are 15 graduates from universities and polytechnics, what is this telling you? that a lot of us new founders and CEO don't care about your certificate we care about what you can do as a person, the value you can bring to the company. because at the end of the this is what matters.

Do you know now that having a big following on social media can get you your dream job?  that's how big technology is right now...it's incredible

so go out there create value before looking for a job. that is what companies meant by 2 or 3 years experience. don't get it twisted.

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