My speech as the official launch of my company betKing

 We are entrepreneurs and we all know what entrepreneurs do? they build businesses, provide solutions that's what they know how to do best.

The management of betking met, we deliberated and decided that the best way we can really make an impact in our environment is to so support the young entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

The Core concept of our CSR:  is to Grow as many young entrepreneurs in Nigeria as possible

who is our target? the people behind Small and medium-size business

Every successful economy in the world is backed by these small and medium-sized businesses

So, in 2018 we will be committing 10 million naira to support

10 entrepreneurs in the different area of the economy  

Meaning 10 million naira will be invested in 10 businesses owned and managed by young entrepreneurs.

It could be an existing business that needs more funding or a new business entirely.

This is an emotional day for me because this same thing we are doing here is what I benefited from 6 years ago.  When two great entrepreneurs invested in me and I believed its part of the reason why I'm here today.

we will invest in them, after investing in their business we continue to mentor them, hand holds them i.e. holding their hands and work with them every step of the way.

we have identified some industries like fashion, technology, recycling and e-commerce as some of the top industry we would like to invest in.

Not only this, we plan to create more that 4,000 new jobs through our well laid agency plan across the country, betking will be offering Nigerians the opportunity to become kingmakers!

As a company, we believe that if we invest in the economy, as the economy grows businesses like ours will also grow.

Together Let's build Nigeria.

Thank you


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