The new Micserah watch brand

My name is adekunle adeniji I’m the founder and CEO of Micserah

I’m super excited about the watch brand we are launching in the next 30days. The idea came from my love for watches, I love watches and I know I’m not the only one that does. But quality watches are expensive, I might be able to afford some but what of thousands of people who can’t.

 I so much believe that quality and nice watches should be affordable. After much research and discussions with the people who have been in the industry for the past 45 years. I and the team went through different concept, designs, back and forth communications with the manufacturers, we came out with a quality, durable and affordable watches.

We are launching 6 Models to start, they all belong to our first collections called the ‘’founders motive collections’’. Dedicated to the founder of Micserah, the founding team and founding customers, these are customers who will trust us enough to preorder the product before they arrive. 

Built with the popular and best movement (engine) from Japan called “Japan Miyota movement”
I’m extremely confident in the quality of these watches that I hope that you will return any model you bought if in 1 year they develop a fault.

The products will be available In the next 40 days. If you preorder this watch today which is at a discounted price, you are not only joining our movement which is determined to make watch affordable for everyone but also you are going to be one our founding customers which comes  with a lot of pecks like lifetime discount on all our new products, unlimited access to all our promotions, gift cards, events, and  VIP customer account from us.

We are also looking for resellers, referrers, and Affiliates.
For more enquiries please contact, WhatsApp or call 08092491111.

Micserah....quality you can feel


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