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I want to be happy, not cool

Listen hustle nation! If I can just take the energy in my heart right now and deploy it into people’s brains to understand how much time everyone has left, how good we have it right now in spite of the economic and bad leadership situation in Nigeria maybe just maybe everyone will be willing to do their thing their own way..That’s what I want to do with this little piece of content.

What I meant by saying that, all I want to do or ever want to do is to be happy, not minding what that means to the other person or you reading this. See I'm leaving tons of money on the table every day for turning blind eyes to everything, every deal, every job offer that won't make me happy.  That's why I left I left the previous company I founded, that is also the reason I started a watch brand. I understand not everyone can take a risk like me. I understand and its completely fair. 

A lot of you follow me every day and wonder how I can take risky decisions like the one I have taken in the last 1 year. (leaving bet9ja, my home for more than 5 years, starting a company, setting it up then leave for others to enjoy, starting micserah a watch brand, something no one has done before in Nigeria). 

When faced with so much opportunity, you wonder how I decide. And the truth is simple, I just do. I follow my heart, that's what I have always done since like when I was 10 till today.

Over the years I have developed an unbelievable amount of intuition, which is predicated on my experience in my career also in business as a CEO which allows me to execute quickly and strategically on my goals. I have only one goal which is to be happy.

I don't want to look cool to you or anyone, I just want to be happy, I'm not buying a new car to impress anyone, I'm not going to buy a new jean to show off on social media or you know working towards buying stuff to show-off to my friends.

It’s the lack of fear of failing that has allowed me to make decisions so quickly. People don’t make decisions because they are scared to lose. I make decisions because I want to know what’s going to happen, and then I use that information to help advise what I do next.

The one thing I know for sure is the outcome of what happens if you don’t decide. If you never make a decision, or deliberate for too long, all the upside or potential opportunity could be lost.

I'm begging you today to follow your heart, do the right thing always, hone your skill so you can be a better person than you are right now and hopefully you will stop complaining about everything happening around you and like me you will agree that's you only have one life and you are in control of your life.

I’m on the offense so I’m just not worried about what other people think. I reverse engineer my own wants and needs and make decisions based on that.

Might not sound cool to guys out there but I'm HAPPY!


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