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I'm starting a new gaming company and this is why

If by some means you haven’t already heard that I left the company I started with my then partner last year, this is me telling you I left betking 3 months ago! its unfortunate but lesson learned.

In my previous post, I talked a bit about why I left. 

If you want to start accomplishing your goals you need to understand that your reputation, a.k.a your “personal brand,” is what you trade from in your personal and professional life.

And you need to do everything you have to do to protect your integrity and brand even if it means risking everything for what you believed in.

As I take a moment to reflect and think about how my profile has expanded dramatically in the Nigeria gaming scene in the last few years.

I have begun to see my audience and the attention that I have in the industry is getting huge and this did not just started yesterday but started a few years back. And the audience is shifting significantly from just agents and players to operators and product suppliers.

As I started to get in terms with how I am now impacting more people through the content that I produce and my actions, I am well aware that there’s a real opportunity to build a company and set the blueprint for others to follow. My hope is to use the attention I have been gifted with to try to build the right company, partner with the right people and build the very next big gaming company in Africa, built around great products, happy staffs, happy customers and agents and hopefully that will be my Legacy. 

As I continue to study the players attention and try to reverse engineer what agents and players care about in product offerings from sport betting company and why, I have started to notice an enormous amount of stress, As most customers and agents stress and anxiety in this industry stems from the products, the employees and sport betting company owners lack of awareness on what agents face on the street and because most of the staffs and owners of these sport betting companies don't know what the agents face on the street they don't know how to make their life better both in products and support.

Obviously, there are a million ways you could go about doing that beyond the standard route everyone is taking, focusing on only commissions and advertisement thinking that will automatically solve the problems.

Companies need to spend an enormous amount of time researching what is going on the street, what do people really want and not forcing down the wrong idea into people's throat.  

For those of you that might not know, I'm very big on social media and I have huge followings on facebook with more than 230k players following me and while at bet9ja I had the opportunity to manage and grow the biggest products in the history of gaming in Nigeria (virtual products) to a multi-million dollar money making machine, this solidifies my stand in the gaming industry and set me apart as a better gaming professional from my peers and put me on the global map. I then co-founded a sports betting company and also grew the business in 4 months to over 2,000 outlets before leaving when I noticed that the idea of the partners and investors started to go against my beliefs. 

That will give you an in-depth idea of the kind of person I am and what I'm capable of doing. 

As I start to plan my next big move, Im currently in search of employees and a new team. if you believe in starting from somewhere and grow to something big in the next few years, if you want to be part of another big wave coming into the gaming industry please send your CV to 
Take note please as this is not about earning a bigger salary from day one but an opportunity to be part of something big, this is the same opportunity I got when I became the first employee at bet9ja, i was not looking at a fat salary, I just wanted to be part of something big.

I think a lot of the time when I talk about providing value or working for somebody who you want to be one day, people often say, “Well, Kunle… You can afford it.” But seriously I was willing to do anything to work for my previous bosses and today Im willing to do anything to work for Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Jack Welch at a low wage because I know the upside, the leverage, and the education from doing so would be enormous.

If you want to know more or looking to partner with me on my new project please say hello to me on skype: kunlexengine or shoot me an email via


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