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ok for today lets start from my own personal quotes

quotes of the day:

success is when you have preety chicks all around the country Begging for a visit! :)

Jokes of the Day:

A case about a woman who killed her husband in court!!

Lawyer : now woman tell us why you killed your husband.
Woman : I was in my sitting room when my
husband came in, he rush me nd drag me on top of d bed, he remove my
cloth, and started
romancing me by touching my breast and my 'V' parts. He spread my 2
legs and when i was ready
4 sex, he told me April fool!!!

Judge : what!!! Dat fool deserve 2 die!!!......

Now lets move to the

Well done stuff of the Day :

The Ergoguys EG-ErgoArm
The Ergoguys EG-ErgoArm Computer Arm Rest with Mouse Pad is designed to reduce aches and pains in the wrist, arm, shoulder and neck areas that may be caused by long-term computer use.This type of support can steady unintentional movements in the arm or act as a support pivot when working over objects or typing. Helps to also correct body positioning when working at a desk or table.
The arm rest can be attached to a desk or chair and the user can add extensions if the arm is to reach over anything higher than a keyboard.The ErgoRest Articulating Arm Support is an excellent device to reduce and prevent neck and shoulder issues. This product is both comfortable and ergonomically advantageous for those of us who spend long hours typing and clicking the day away. The height adjustable settings on this device make it a pretty universal fit to any sized individual
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